TypeScript mixins

This popped into my news feed a couple days ago and it seemed like a really neat feature that’s been added into version 2.2. of TypeScript – the concept of mixins.

This terminology (mixin) has been available in SASS for quite a while and provides the ability to extend functionality by composing functionality from various sources. This same concept holds true in TypeScript.

A few examples based off a User class:

Now a couple mixins:

The first adds the ability to ‘tag’ the base class, the second exposes a couple methods to activate/deactivate the class.

Pulling this together you can then create basic TaggableUser:

Or an ActivatableUser:

Or even better, a combination of both:

Pretty neat huh?

The inspiration for this came from https://blog.mariusschulz.com/2017/05/26/typescript-2-2-mixin-classes

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