Documenting webapi with Swagger

If you’ve ever worked with webservices, chances are you’ve run into WSDL ( In the webapi world you don’t get so much out the box – this is where swagger can help expose test methods, documentation and a lot more.

For projects you can make use of a library: Install via nuget and you get a UI allowing a configurable interaction with all the webapi methods in your solution:

The swagger UI:
swagger ui

The test controller and methods:
webapi methods

All pretty simple stuff – how about if you want to secure things?
An example scenario might be you only want swagger accessible if you are visiting via http://localhost (or a loopback url).

It’s straight forwards if you implement a custom webapi DelegatingHandler.

This then needs wiring into the webapi request pipelines. In your WebApiConfig file (OTB in your solution in the folder: App_Start) add:

In the TestController example above we had several httpPost methods available – to enable this functionality you need to allow the routes to include the {action} url chunk.

Azure webapi’s are now compatible with swagger – see for more info.