blog.boro2g.co.uk is my first effort at putting something useful onto the world wide web. Most days blogs act as one of the major information resources for code hints and tips – I am sure I must have some of my own to share.

I (Nick Hills) have been a Sitecore MVP since 2012. I’ve been working at True Clarity in Bristol UK for the last 10 years. This has been on a huge range of Sitecore sites featuring the likes of: easyJet, Asos, Sophos, The Conservative Party and many more.


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  1. Hello,

    We have an issue where the “en” language was removed, which orphaned many key Sitecore items. Unfortunately, Globalization Export / Import only works with child nodes and can not fix the issue. I am interested in the Create an Item in all languages post you made and if it could be adopted to check all items in Sitecore and create a “en” version if one is not present.

    • I would have thought so – at the point you iterate through the tree you could force the language you want to create the item in (rather than running through all available languages). Then for any node that is discovered you would then find an ‘en’ item would exist. The issue I can think of is the new nodes might be missing the content they need to work effectively.

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