How to write a basic powershell module that includes multiple scripts

As part of a recent project I’ve needed to work closely with some of the Azure api’s. You can achieve some really cool things pretty quickly once you’ve learnt a few basics.

A good tip I picked up was that if you can implement something in .net/c# chance are you can replicate in PowerShell. If there isn’t a specific PowerShell module/api available you can call into the .net dll. This can be loaded via e.g.:

In order to structure your various functions the recommended approach is to use modules. A quick google will bring up more details. What I couldn’t find was how to setup a basic module that includes multiple scripts.

When you create new modules they can live in a couple places, $env:PSModulePath will show you this.

A module structure is pretty basic, you need a psm1 file (and psd1 – see
ps structure
Script.ps1 is basic, it contains a simple function:

Custom.psm1 then looks to load all the scripts you have. Note, make sure the folder name matches the psm1 name:

These files need to live in one of your module folders e.g. %UserProfile%\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules

It’s then a case of installing your module:
Check what modules are available to install via: Get-Module -ListAvailable
And install the one you want via: Import-Module Custom. Note, Custom is the name of the folders and psm1 file.

Provided it’s all gone to plan you should now be able to call HiThere from a ps prompt

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