Updating the Sitecore Quick Info panel

There was a thread on Stack Overflow¬†asking whether you could update the Sitecore quick info panel. I thought it would be interesting to write up one approach that didn’t involve de-compiling reams of source code.

The whole content editor runs in the DOM so any web technique for manipulation (with a bit of iframe traversal) should get you going.

To get the following code working, add the following js to content manager.aspx (/sitecore/shell/applications/content manager):

I doubt you’d want the message to say ‘hi’ but hopefully this highlights how you can start to manipulate the panel – either editing the existing or adding nodes as required.

If you roll this out to production I’d suggest revising the xpath to ensure its neat enough for your liking.

Building on this idea, simply updating the labels is probably pretty use(less)ful?!? To take the concept further you could find the items ID via similar means above and then pass that back as a parameter to an ajax call to get more aggregated or more information on the item.

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