Sitecore patch include files and feature folders

I recently got caught out when trying to patch some include files within the FXM configuration. In the end the fix was simple – thanks support 🙂

For certain recent features the config is now setup with folders per feature. An example would be:
– app_config
– – include
– – – fxm
– – – – Sitecore.FXM.config
– – – – … etc
– – – Sitecore.Diagnostics.config
– – – … etc

Now say you want to patch the config within Sitecore.FXM.config, in order for the patch:before and patch:after logic to work correctly you need to create a new folder which has a start letter greater than Fxm. An example would be /app_config/include/zzz.

The reason being, Sitecore looks to process all the files in /app_config/include first, then all the folders e.g. /app_config/include/fxm etc.

In the scenario I was interested in i.e. patching the FXM pipeline:

You need to remember to include the group tag to ensure the nesting is correct. The final patched config you’d need would be:

Happy patching 🙂

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