Sitecore forms – custom form element save issue

In a recent project we needed to add some richer functionality to a form, so decided to wrap it up in a custom Vue.js component which we could then integrate into Sitecore forms. Sounds simple right?

Building the component

Sitecore provides some good documentation on how to build different flavours of form rows – have a look at the walkthrough’s in if you are interested.

Saving your data

Assuming you want to build something a bit richer than the demo video component, chances are you want to actually store data that a user provides. In our use case, we used Vue.js to update a hidden input – under the hood we then save that data into the DB and also ping off to other save actions.

Simples? Well, not quite – unless you know where to set things up.

Configuring the form row

In Sitecore forms, a custom form row needs a few things. A template in master to represent the configuration of the form row, and a set of items in core to represent the UI for configuring the form row.–creating-a-custom-form-element.html

The importance of AllowSave

This is the key bit, and took a fair amount of digging to find. I could see my custom data was being posted back to Sitecore, with the right data. But, it was never getting saved in the database 🙁

To fix I needed to make sure that both the configuration in core and my custom template had AllowSave available.

  • In core, under ‘/sitecore/client/Applications/FormsBuilder/Components/Layouts/PropertyGridForm/PageSettings/Settings’ you create your custom configuration including sub-items based off the template ‘FormSection’ (see ‘/sitecore/client/Applications/FormsBuilder/Components/Layouts/PropertyGridForm/PageSettings/Settings/SingleLineText/Advanced’ for reference’
    • Here is where you need to ensure you include ‘AllowSave‘ in the ‘ControlDefinitions‘ field for your custom item
    • This is enough to get the checkbox showing in the form builder ui, but not enough to get everything working
  • In master, under ‘/sitecore/templates/System/Forms/Fields’ you create the template to represent the configuration data being saved for your form element
    • Here is where you need to make sure the base templates contains ‘Save Settings


Setting up a custom form row / element is generally pretty simple. However, the documentation doesn’t cover quite a key step – saving the data. It doesn’t take much additional configuration as long as you know the right place to make changes!

Happy saving.

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