Real time view of the Sitecore log files

Just a quick post – if you want to get a realtime view of the log files then you have a few options.

If like me you find opening the latest file and scrolling to the bottom a bit tiresome then the following options might help:

  1. Dynamic log viewer – I discovered this tool as this ships with SIM – alternatively you can download the exe from You need to select the latest file and it then watches the tail of the log file
  2. DebugView – you need a couple things – the download from  and a slight tweak to your log4net config to add a new appender (see below). The advantage here is the log always updates, you don’t need to select a new file each rebuild. When you run the app,
    1. Run as an administrator
    2. Turn on ‘Capture -> Capture Global Win32’
    3. Add a filter to match your config – ‘Edit -> Filter/Highlight -> Include – [xDBPrototype]

The new config you need adds a new appender into the <log4net> section of the web.config/sitecore.config (depending on your version of Sitecore):


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