Find missing Sitecore help text

In Sitecore, field names alone dont always give context to the data that editors are updating. On template fields you can set the Short Description field – this then shows the text next to the field. Some examples are:

It may be a strict requirement that help text is set on all fields, or help text on all fields matches a given pattern. The command and / or query below shows how to find missing Sitecore help text.

In the sitecore command example the code also modifies the help text to set the first letter as a capital if its lower case.

Note, there are constants available for all fields ids. The text value was used to highlight the __. The code forces the language to ‘en’ since all our templates are created in that language.

You then patch this into the application via:

Finally, you need to add a button to core and set its click to be ‘item:validatehelptext’

I thought it would be interesting to try the same thing using Sitecore Rocks Query. There are some really handy blog posts on this – have a look at Sitecore Rocks Query Examples for more info.

I like both these approaches for tracking down missing items – it’s safe to say trawling through fields manually is both time consuming, boring and error prone!

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