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In a recent 6.5 build I ran into the problem where the add component button in the sitecore page editor wasnt offering any possible placeholders in the ui. I’d setup placeholder settings so that the item names tied up to the placeholder keys in my layout.

The expected behaviour would the ‘Add to here’ flyout is available as shown below:

The difference in the newer versions of sitecore is that Placeholder settings template have a new field ‘Placeholder key’:

If this field is blank, the page editor doesnt know how to pair up the placeholder keys and settings. Note, historically this was done via the items name.

3 thoughts on “Add component in Sitecore Page Editor

  1. The way its supposed to work is if you name the Placeholder Setting item to match the placeholder key in your layout/sublayout, the Placeholder Key field is redundant.

    In your column2 example, that should work. Are you maybe nesting them and its getting confused?

  2. I checked the two scenarios, without a value in the ‘Placeholder Key’ field, you don’t get the ‘Add to here’ option – this was in Sitecore.NET 6.5.0 (rev. 120427)

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